The International Sailors’ Society Auckland (Inc)

A charitable organisation working in the name of Christ in the ports of Auckland for the welfare of all seafarers.


SEA SUNDAY is celebrated throughout the world in July.

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The Society began as a branch of the British Sailors’ Society around 1914, with its own chapel and Centre initially in the city and later in the port area.  In the 1970’s the Society joined with other welfare bodies to form the Auckland International Seafarers Centre.

The name of the Society was changed to the International Sailors Society in the early 1990’s to better reflect its status and activities and now uses the simpler term Sailors Society for routine purposes, retaining the full name for formal and legal use.

We are closely associated with the Sailors Society (UK) and work with other ISS groups in New Zealand as a constituent member of the International Sailors Society New Zealand Incorporated.

We are a New Zealand Registered Charity (CC10836)

The Auckland International Seafarers Centre
The International Seafarers Centre, Quay Street, Auckland NZ

We are a partner in the International Seafarer’s Centre in Quay Street, Auckland (right), with the Mission to Seafarers and Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea).  Our Chaplain, Rev Aaron Ironside, visits ships, mans the Centre on a roster basis, visits seafarers in hospital etc.

The Seafarers’ Centre provides a safe environment for visiting seafarers of any colour, class, nationality, or creed.  We have facilities for the seamen to phone home, post mail, purchase personal needs or inexpensive souvenirs. In the Centre they can relax away from their ships.

Our Board of Management is comprised of representatives of the principal non-conformist (protestant) churches – currently Baptist and Presbyterian. Our Chairman is Terry Nobbs, himself a former merchant seaman.

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… with donations, we need funds :
for support of the chaplain, to enable us to support some of the costs of the Seafarers Centre, to equip our chaplain and ship visitors with safety equipment (fluoro vests, hard hats etc)
… as a volunteer at the Seafarers Centre,
… with prayer support. Ships and the wharves can be hazardous places and our workers and volunteers need wisdom to say the right thing, tolerance and understanding in dealing with those of different faiths, nationalities etc

Please email us if you would like to help.

Donations are tax-deductible under NZ law.

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